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They were magi, Men with a capital M, and their motto was "Monday begins on Saturday." ... So they took it as a working hypothesis that happiness lay in gaining perpetually new insights into the unknown and the meaning of life was to be found in the same process. Every man is a magus in his inner soul, but he becomes one only when he begins to think less about himself and more about others, when it becomes more interesting for him to work than to recreate himself in the ancient meaning of the word.novel by Boris and Arkady Strugatsky «Monday Begins on Saturday»
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DOTA2 Presets

A set of tools for Substance Painter 2 for working with DOTA 2 materials, including export settings, a shader and a project template.

Export Presets contains parameters for saving output texture maps: file formats and name creation rules. For example, a color map will be saved as:


where $textureSet is shading group of geometry.

Names are assigned according to the DOTA 2 Item Tools and coincide with the output files of the game, rewriting which will lead to an automatic update of the asset (Details can be found in my article DOTA2 Texture Guide).

DOTA Shader is modified version of the original shader that was made by Joe SoMuchMonsters Pikop (So Much Dota 2 Tools) and thanks him very much for that!

In my version, the SpecularWarp parameter is disabled, the influence of DiffuseWarp and DetailMap maps is excluded (they are exported, but do not affect the display). Also, more adequate default parameters were set based on the courier shader (rim-light shade, ambient light value and color, etc.).

Please note that for each individual hero you will have to adjust the parameters individually, according to their original shader (I advise doing this with the eye, because the algorithms are different.)

Project Template allows you to quickly configure the project: automatically assign the appropriate shader, its channels, set export and naming parameters. You will only need to specify the export root directory and the saving format (tga/png). For example:


The general principle of work remains the same – DOTA2 Texture Guide.